Three ways to train

To meet different needs and budgets, we offer 3 ways to train with us at Primal.
One on one

Our premium level of individualised coaching. You’ll receive the undivided attention of one of our highly skilled coaches in sessions that are designed specifically around your goals and our assessment of how you can achieve them. They include exercise coaching, nutrition and lifestyle support.


This style of coaching provides an equally effective personalised training program but at a reduced cost, as your trainer will work between 2-4 other clients during the session. Your coach is always there to help and support you during training.

Group Training

Primal has a complete and highly progressive group training package. Small groups of up to 6 clients benefit from a well-balanced program addressing all strength and fitness elements. Catering for all levels, clients enjoy the camaraderie of group training through a program that improves posture and movement skill, as well as focusing on fitness, strength and fat loss.